Biz Meeting in Delhi

Dear Sirs

We are pleased to inform you that ‘Korean Valued Products’ are coming to Delhi, India to exchange business between India and Korea.

Korean Delegation will be meeting Indian companies in Delhi on 15th Oct 2010. This event is organized and supported by Korean District Office 'Youngdeungpo-District'.

We have total 7 outstanding companies such as 'Hair iron', 'Military & Police Supply', 'Industrial Stainless Steel valve', Electro Polishing Products','Electric Bath Equipment', 'Car Blackbox' and 'DVR & Security equipments'

All products are well known for the market in Korea as well as overseas. We believe that it will be competitive in India market for the same.

The Korean delegations would like to export their products to India for the cooperation with Indian companies.

If you are interested in this products/company, we would like to arrange business meeting without any cost & fee. We have official business meeting arrangements like below.

Time & Date: 10:00 am to 4pm on Oct 15 2010 (Friday)
Name: Business Meeting between Korean and Indian Companies
Venue: The Eros Intercontinental Hotel at Neru Place in Delhi, Conference Hall

To participate in this event, please kindly contact at or For the detailed information, please contact Tel (Mr. Ramesh Yadav/ 093126-44992 in Delhi)

Eun Young, Kim
Official Business Consultant between India & Korea


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