PB(Polybutylene) Pipes & Fittings

BTN promotes PB Pipes of Plumbfast in India as the sales representative office

Who is PlumbFast?
PlumbFast(www.plumbfast.co.kr) is one of biggest manufactures of PB pipes and fittings in Korea. They have technical association with Mitsui Petro Chemical in Japan who is well known prominent petrochemical, to develop PB materials

PlumbFast has certificate from 8 countries as like Russia, China, Australia, Spain, England, Ireland and Korea.
Needless to say, its quality is reputed in the world market

Why PB Pipes?
It has remarkable features to compensate the price like following below. Although the price of PB Pipes is higher than other materials like steel, pvc etc.

Friendly environment.(Pollution Free Material)
Semi-Permanent Durability
Creeping nature with heat/pressure proof (-20 to 100 degree)
Light and soft
Outstanding Corrosion Resistance
Easy installation
In addition, our PB pipes have Push-Fit system. It means that it’s not required welding to connect pipes. You can install it easily without specified trainers.

Nowadays, the construction industry for high-class houses/apartment/building etc in India is growing rapidly. So we think that high-quality building materials such as PB pipes(drinking water) will be on good demand.

If you need more information about the company and products, please go through on the attached file or email us at ruji@gate4india.com


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