Korea is one of the most developed of the Asian countries and enjoys a high standard of living. Working environment in Korea offer you advanced technology, good salary, low tax, friendly culture, and is in some ways better than USA, Japan and Europe etc.

BTN looks for prospective employees having knowledge and experiences in the industrial fields and introduce them to our Korean clients. Our services include 'Conduction Interviews', Employment Contract', 'Applying for Visa' and 'Book Air Flight Ticket' so that Indian employees come to work for Korea more conveniently.

Korean working visa for foreigners is issued by E-7 visa. It's multiple and 3 years period which can be extended for 3 years more.

S/W & H/W Development, e-Business
Electronic & Communication
Mechanical, New Materials, Plant Design
Chemistry, Pharmacy, Environment Energy
Bio, Nano

2 or more years of work experience in the business area
Those who hold bachelor's or higher degree(s) in the area concerned with 2 or more years of relevant
    work experience
Those who hold master's degree (work experience is not required)
Those who hold Bachelor's or Higher degree in a Korean university (work experience is not required)