BTN provides ‘business opportunity’ on- site as well through ‘Exhibition & Conference Program’ with our partner organizations in Korea

If you would like to find specific products or explore the market in Korea, we have ‘Indian Buyer Invitation’ programs every year by cooperation of Korean organizations.
You can visit most famous exhibitions/conferences which are conducted by professionals of your industry.
We also have industrial trade information including IT, electronic, telecom/communication, textile, machinery, medical device etc…
We collect Korean companies who seek cooperation with Indian companies. All selected companies are well known for the competitive price and products in the world market.

Through this program, you can find new business opportunity and learn Korean trends.

KICOX (Korea Industrial Complex Corp)
KYVA (Kyonngi Venture Business Association)
KITA (Korea International Trade Association)
KOVA (Korea Venture Business Association)
KAIT (Korea Association of Information & Telecommunication)
SBA (Seoul Business Agency)
GITCT (Gwanju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency)
DIP (The Center for Digital Industry Promotion of Daegu)
IITPA (Incheon Information Technology Industry Promotion Agency)
Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency
and etc.