India is the hub of Software development and Outsourcing in the world.
Many Korean companies feel the need to outsource to India but are hesitant as there is an information gap between Indian and Korean companies and the obvious differences in the work culture and languages make it difficult to facilitate the same.

As of today, there are many Indian outsourcing companies operating in the Korean market, but not all of them have been successful.

As your coordinator, BTN can do sales activity on behalf of you. We have wide ranging database of Korean IT companies and steadily research their project developments. Through HR consulting work, we also find which Korean companies have upcoming project.

We also have experience in handling software projects in India, as we have operated a research and development centre in New Delhi for two years. Although it was a short period, we came to know how we have to manage and control IT projects. Based on this experience, we are able to coordinate for IT projects between Korean and Indian companies.