If you wish to enter the Korean market, you will face the initial hitch in the cultural as well as business aspects. Although you my find the right buyers/ sellers, there is always the challenges of bridging the differences. Besides you may face language problems and cultural/business differences.

BTN enables business transitions between you and the Korean companies. We build effective market entry and sales strategies to achieve your company's objectives.
Based on our database and knowledge of industries, we search suitable companies and products. Then we compare all conditions including price quotation, specification, market share& their positive business attitude etc.
Through our services, we save your time and money.

We have been appointed as an official marketing channel in India by SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration) and SBC (Small Business Corporation) since 2001. We support marketing and investment of Korean IT companies as ITxporter (IT Exporter), KIICA (Korea IT International Cooperation Agency) as well. We are proud to say that BTN is reputed as the India’s single window to Korean companies. We understand specific needs of Indian and Korean companies and fulfill the needs of our clients.