Mr. Y. Kim is the promoter of BTN Co, Ltd., Korea and India. He is CEO of BTN and officially deputed India advisory committee member by SMBA (Small, Medium Business Association), KIICA (Korea IT International Cooperation Agency) and SBA (Seoul Business Agency). Mr. Y. Kim personally operates 'India Business Forum' which is the largest 'India forum' in Korea having over 3,000 members. Furthermore Mr. Y. Kim is a general director of IISK(Institute of Indian Studies, Korea) which is the one of the best organization studying the relationship of India-Korea.

He is one of the top professionals who understands the Indian industry and has extensive knowledge of the Building/Construction, Textile, Medical device, Education and IT sectors. He publishes the "India Industry report" regularly through the official industrial association and makes presentations in the conferences/seminar to Korean companies who are interested in the Indian market.

Mr. Y. Kim's contacts extend to both the government as well as the private sector and the network that the company has built over the years can help your business network and grow.

Published by Mr. Y. Kim (since 2005)

India PCB Industry

India Digital Contents Industry

India IT Industry Environment and Prospect

India Handsets Market

India Infrastructure Status and Market Opportunity

India ITES & BPO Industry

India Repeater Market

India Textile Industry

India Internet Environment

Construction and Its Materials Market in India